The taxi can be considered as one of the most convenient means of transportation compared to other passenger vehicle. People choose to ride on cabs because it is faster and much comfortable than any carrier. However, there are some commuters that opt to ride on other vehicle because it is more affordable than riding on a cab. But for those people who prefer to ride on a cab especially to those who travel going to their office everyday, there are several ways that you can do to save money when you are riding on a taxi.

Tip 1: Find a taxi stand on the street in any country. Commonly, only authorized taxi are allowed to stop at these taxi stand. From then, you can be assure that the taxi is safe to ride on and the driver is licensed and using a metered fare.

Tip 2: Look for a legitimate taxi. This would probably have a meter and two-way radio inside. Check first whether the taxi driver turns on the meter or not before getting in. However, there are some taxis that may not be metered. If that so, just try to stick to the contract price when paying.

Tip 3: Ask what a going cab fare should be. This is the most important thing. If you’ve negotiated a price, you can watch the meter to see whether you’re getting a fair price. And also, do not hesitate to point out the money ticking by on the meter if it doesn’t seem right.

Tip 4: Know where you are going. It is harder for taxi drivers to cheat you if you know exactly where you’re going. Before you accept shortcuts, detours, and special stops, make sure you know where you are, where you were, and where it is you ultimately want to go. Know the route or general direction to your destination so you can keep away yourself from being deceived and you will not pay an expensive fare.

Tip 5: If you know the shortcut road of a place where you are going you can tell the taxi driver so you will arrive early at your destination. You can also ask him to pass through alternative road during rush hour to avoid the heavy traffic at the main road. By doing this, your expense in riding a cab will be reduced.

Tip 6: Look for another passenger that will pass through the same destination as you and offer him/her to take a ride with you to lessen your expense in riding a cab.

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There are many of us who takes taxi cab for our daily commute going to and fro from one place to another without a single thought to our safety. However, there are several factors that should be kept in mind to ensure safety especially because you are placing your life at the hands of a complete stranger.

For this purpose, as a taxi and limousine company that services the areas of Chicago and Northwest Chicago city, we have written this article to share with the commuting public as practical tips in ensuring safety during a taxi cab ride.

1.  First and foremost when riding a cab, make a note of the cab number/information displayed on the dashboard or passenger’s door, whether you are the passenger or the parent who called for the taxi to take your son or daughter to their destination. Why? Because this will easily identify the taxi company and the driver of the vehicle should there be an accident.

2.  This is also very helpful in many cases where you forget some belongings on the cab. A quick call to the taxi company will save you from a lot of trouble as the vehicle and the driver can easily be located for you.

3.  Next, you can see a taxi I.D on the dashboard with the driver’s photo, match the picture with the driver. If they don’t match then it’s better to get another cab.

4.  Before entering into the cab, make sure that the cabbie knows your destination and he is willing to take you in that place. This will save you from paying more money than you should, as opposed to someone who does not know his way around town.

5.  Check the condition of the car. At a glance you can see for yourself if the car is well maintained or not. As much as possible, choose a taxi that are well maintained as this will not only ensure your safety and comfort but also lessen the chances of having a mechanical breakdown during your ride.

6.  During the ride, make sure that you are familiar with the route that the driver is taking you. You can also simply ask your driver to take the route where you want him and he should comply with your request.

7.  And of course, upon reaching your destination always check your belongings whether you have everything with you and nothing is left on the car. A quick glance of your seat will help that none of your things have slipped from your pocket, like your mobile phone or purse.

“Safety First” Several things can happen anytime and at the most unexpected moment. Being aware of these precautionary measures should always be applied and observed to ensure safety during a taxi ride.

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swine flu virus

World Health Organization raises the pandemic alert from 4 to level 5 second to the highest level, after the rapid spread of the swine influenza in the world that originated in Mexico. Face mask are highly recommended to prevent the virus from inhaling from human to human contact.

But we need to be calm and ready for this is the reality that we are facing now.

Some Tips to avoid being infected:

  • Wash hands properly
  • Avoid Shaking hands ( for now)
  • Wear face mask if necessary
  • Avoid crowded places
  • If Ill avoid going to work or school
  • Monitor self if sick and check with your doctor

There is no better way to face this situation but to be prepared.