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For many travelers who have never spent time in Chicago, it is an amazingly beautiful and culturally advanced city. Trips from Chicago to surrounding areas are a continual amusement and offer plenty of outdoor and indoor activities for the entire family. With attractions and activities, Chicago is everyone’s kind of town. In fact, downtown Chicago was nicknamed “the Loop” after the loop made by elevated trains encompassing the area. Chicago is also quite plainly packed with great attractions. The advantage to the compact nature of these attractions is that you can spend a day in downtown and see many of the best landmarks that continue to make the city so popular.

Chicago has a great city with a great public transportation. Public transportation is one of the easiest and most economical ways to get around in Chicago. Like any big city, taxis in Chicago are in demand. Despite this, you will find that it is much easier to take a taxi in Chicago than most cities. There are lots of taxis but they do tend to focus on the more popular neighborhoods. Taxis are a convenient way to get around the Loop and to get to the dining, shopping, and entertainment options found beyond downtown, such as on the Near North Side, in Old Town and Lincoln Park, and in Bucktown/Wicker Park.

Taxis at Chicago run 24 hours a day and may be call over the street or found at cabstands outside large office buildings, hotels and other high-traffic areas. Downtown, some places are better than others for catching a taxi. Washington, Monroe and Jackson streets are best wager during rush hour in the Loop because cabbies are eager for passengers after dropping off fares at Metra and Union Stations. Authorized taxi will always have a photo ID displayed on the front passenger side, as well as a city license number and Braille ID behind the driver’s seat. Aside from this, you, as a passenger have the right to detail the route that the driver takes. It is also your right to ask the driver to change the vehicles temperature and radio volume.

Whether you’re an easily lost visitor, a responsible bar hopper, or just someone trying to avoid the elements, you may occasionally need a cab in the busy city of Chicago. The large number of transit-shy tourists and locals ensures the trusty taxi in a place of Chicago so you can be sure that you will get safely to your destination.

Taxis are easy to call over in the Loop, on the Magnificent Mile and the Gold Coast, in River North, and in Lincoln Park, but if you go much beyond these key areas, you might need to call. Cab companies include Flash Cab (tel. 773/561-1444), Yellow Cab (tel. 312/TAXI-CAB), and Checker Cab (tel. 312/CHECKER).

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