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Michael Schumacher is undergoing fitness test for his comeback to race in Spain this August. Since the end of 2006 the 7 time champ F1 driver never had his hand back in the wheels to drive Ferrari machine that made him ultimate F1 driver.

While others are preparing to meet Michael Schumacher in the track in Valencia, Spain.

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Teen driver charges of 16 counts of felony after fatal accident last week in St. Charles leaving 18-year-old passenger dead. Read

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You heard about the singing cab driver ray?  He’s one of the talented guys in Chicago driving his cab and entertaining his passenger while travelling around Chicago. His been doing this for more than a decade now and this could be the best road entertainment in Chicago, one thing we must not forget is that safety of the passengers should always be considered, singing could be entertaining and fun but you need a full concentration while driving in Chicago, you can never tell what’s on the road ahead of you. watch video